Astra Tech LoFric Primo Catheters Female Length Catheter

Astra Tech LoFric Primo Catheters - Female Length

Catheter Product Overview

Astra Tech LoFric Prrimo catheters are the leading brand in hydrophilic catheters.  These hydrophilic catheters reduce the friction and maintain the lubrication throughout the catheterization process; Astra Tech LoFric Primo catheters are designed in a compact size that allows for a simple and convenient catherization process.  The catheter is coated with a hydrophilic surface that is attached to a water pouch. This allows the catheters to self lubricate , making the insertion and removal process much easier and minimizing urethral friction.  To activate fold and press the sterile water pouch to allow the water to run down and activate the catheter’s surface layer.  Single, sterile use only.

Catheter Features and Benefits

  • Latex-Free
  • Discreet, foldable packaging
  • New design help to reduce infections

Catheter Size Available

LoFric Primo catheters for Females come in two lengths- 6 and 8 inches long.

6” Length         8” Length

Fr 8                  Fr 8

Fr 10                Fr 10

Fr 12                Fr 12

Fr 14                Fr 14

Fr 16

Fr 18

Catheter Pricing Information

This product maybe available to you at little to no out of  pocket cost simply fill out the form to the right of the screen to see if you qualify.  We accept Medicare, BCBS and most private insurance companies.  Fill out the form to the right or call now to get more information at 888-466-4217

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