Urinary Catheter Education

Catheters allow for the drainage of urine.  A catheter is a tube that can be inserted into the urethra allowing for the drainage of urine.   The process of inserting a catheter is known as catheterization. In most cases, a catheter is a thin, flexible tube which is available in many different sizes.  Male catheters are normally 16 inches long and a female catheter is normally 6 inches long.  Both female and male catheters are also measured on the diameter of the catheter which is referred to as the French size (Fr).  The most common French sizes are 8Fr, 10Fr, 12Fr, 14Fr, 16Fr, 18Fr, 20Fr.  The most widely used catheters of this type are called intermittent catheters. They care a single use catheter that can be thrown away after each use.


A Catheter left inside the body , either temporarily or permanently, maybe referred to as an indwelling catheter or Foley catheter.  Foley catheters also come in many different sizes and are not a standalone unit.  These types of catheters need to be connected to a leg bag or bed bag in order to collect the urine.

The third type of urinary catheter used by men only is called a Condom Catheter.  Instead of being a catheter that is inserted into the body this type of catheter fits over the penis and connects to a drainage bag.


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Catheter Users

Most health insurance plans now cover single-use catheters. This was a major change for catheter users. Increasing coverage for disposable intermittent catheters from four catheters per month (one per week) to up to 200 per month per patient

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