Better Choices for Female Catheters
Female CathetersThere are several different types of female catheters depending on each woman’s specific needs. These catheters are used to manage urinary incontinence in women with specific medical conditions. Most female catheters are 6 inches long and come in a sterile pack for single use. Sometimes it is helpful for a lubricant to be applied to the tip of the catheter for easy insertion and removal. For women who do not have the dexterity to apply lubricant to their catheters other products such as a hydrophilic catheter may be needed. A hydrophilic female catheter is just like a regular female catheter except they are pre-lubricated in the package. This eliminates the need to to lubricate new catheters every time you catheterize. Female catheters range in size from 8fr to 22fr. Your doctor will decide which size is correct for you. Their have been several new types of hydrophilic female catheters to come out in the marketplace lately.
SpeediCath Compact for women
No one needs to know you cath. SpeediCath is about the size of lip gloss, so it’s extremely discreet and is ready to use right out of the package! This is a hydrophilic catheter made by coloplast!
Twist Compact Catheter for Women
A very discreetly packaged catheter about the size of a lipstick case.This is also a hydrophilic catheter made by Cure Medical which is latex free and ready to use right out of the package!
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