Better Choices for Male Catheters

Male CathetersThere are several different types of male catheters depending on each mans specific needs. The most common types of male catheters are Straight Tip Catheters and Coude Tip. The coude tip has a bend in the tip of the catheter where the straight tip does not. There are many different medical reasons why one type of male catheter would be used over another. Your doctor will decide which type of male catheter is right for you. Most male catheters are about 16 inches long and come in different sizes ranging from 8fr to 22fr. They are made of many different substances depending on the flexibility desired by the user.Another type of male catheter available is called a Condom Catheter or Texas Catheter. This is a special catheter that fits over the penis and can be hooked up to a leg bag or bed bag. Your doctor will decide which type of male catheter is right for your specific needs.Most male catheters are for single use only and come in a sterile package. Each time a catheter is used it should be thrown away and a new one used the next time you cath. This can help reduce getting urinary tract infections (UTI’s). Many new male catheter products are becoming available all the time to help deal with the problems unique to males.

Latex Free Coude Tip Catheters
Cure Medical has just come out with a new latex free, DEHP free, highly polished catheter that has the perfect amount of flexibility for comfortable insertion and removal for most men.
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