Rochester Medical Magic 3 All Silicone Female Intermittent Catheter

Rochester Medical Magic 3 All Silicone Female Intermittent Catheter

Catheter Product Overview

Rochester Medical offers an all silicone catheter that has an exclusive three layer technology.  The first layer is the outer layer which is ultra soft to maximize comfort when inserting the catheter.  The second layer is the middle layer which is firm allowing for optimal handling when using the catheter.  The third layer is innermost layer which is made of a very pliable silicone which helps the catheter navigate the urethra with as little force as possible while maximizing drainage.   This 3 layer design all silicone design also eliminates allergen that maybe caused with latex and PVC catheters.

Catheter Features and Benefits

  • Gentle on sensitive tissue
  • Optimal handling
  • Easy Insertion

Catheter Size Available

Female Length is 6 inches

Fr 10

Fr 12

Fr 14

Fr 16

Fr 18

Fr 20


Catheter Pricing Information

This product maybe available to you at little to no out of pocket cost simply fill out the form to the right of the screen to see if you qualify.  We accept Medicare, BCBS and most private insurance companies.   Fill out the form to the right or call now to get more information at 888-466-4217

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