Frequently asked questions about intermittent catheters (FAQ)

Are intermittent catheters covered by my Medicare?

Yes, intermittent catheterization is a covered Medicare benefit. You have to meet certain coverage criteria.

Why dose Medicare help pay for intermittent catheters?

Intermittent catheters are considered under Medicare to be a Prosthetic Benefit. What this means is that because the catheter is replacing a function of one of the internal body organs, it can be considered for coverage. Also, a person must have permanent urinary incontinence or urinary retention.

How many catheters can I get per month?

Intermittent Catheterization is covered when basis coverage criteria are met and the patient or caregiver can perform the procedure.
For each episode of covered catheterization, Medicare will cover up to 200 catheters per month and lubricating jelly. Intermittent catheters are a one-time use device that should be discarded after each use.

I am currently using straight intermittent catheters but still having urinary tract infections. What can I do?

Talk to your doctor and see if a closed system intermittent catheter would help you.

How do I order a specific brand of catheters from your company?

Don’t worry! We carry all the major brands of catheters and would be happy to give you any brand catheter you prefer. A Better Choice Medical Supply is a catheter specialty company. Will make sure you get the catheters you want when you want them.

Do men and women need special instructions?

Yes, below you will find intermittent catheter instructions for both male and female catheter users.

How long does it take to empty my bladder with a catheter?

This depends on the size catheter used and the amount of urine to be expelled. In general under a minute to lubricate, insert catheter and expel urine is all it takes.

How do I know when the catheter enters my bladder?

Urine will begin to flow. When the flow stops take out the catheter. A urinary catheter should only be inserted to the point that urine is obtained – stop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What Kind of Catheters Do You Have?

I will list them for you by their most common names: Intermittent Catheters or (Self Catheters), Indwelling or (Foley Catheters), and Condom Catheters. We offer a great selection of both female catheters and male catheters. We also have catheter leg bags and bedside bags. Most supplies are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS or Private Insurances!

What Kind of Catheters Are Covered By Insurance?

This depends on your insurance however most all types of catheters are covered. Medicare, BCBS and Medicaid do offer this as a DME benefit.

Who Determines Ho Many Catheters I Can Receive Per Month?

Your doctor and you. For us to be able to bill your insurance for your catheter supplies we will need to get a prescription from your doctor. We can help you do this!

How Many Foley Catheters Can I Receive From Insurance Per Month?

Two, but if more are medically necessary special consideration may be given.

Do You Ship Supplies Anywhere in the United States?

Yes. We provide FREE shipping on all Catheter Supplies and Diabetes Supplies. We will deliver your needed supplies direct to your front door!

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