Closed System Catheter Kits
These closed system catheter kits are sterile and designed for a one time use. The catheter is connected to a 1500ML collection bag. The catheter is pre-lubricated and has polished eyelets for a more comfortable experience. This type of catheter is a good choice if you suffer from UTI’s -Urinary Tract Infections. Please consult you doctor to make sure this is the right system for you.
Who uses this type of catheter?
Closed system catheters can be used by both men and women. Many times this type of catheter system is used for a period following certain types of surgery. In addition this type of catheter system is used to help prevent urinary tract infections in many people. People who are allergic to latex can get this catheter made of several different types of materials, including, silicone and Teflon.
What sizes do they come in?
Closed system catheters range in sizes from an 8Fr to 18 Fr. The smallest size starts at an 8 French and the largest sizes go up to 18 french. Your doctor will decide what size is right for you.Most of these kits come with:
  •  1- Pre-lubricated catheter connected to a 1500ml collection bag
  •  1-Pair of gloves
  •  3- Providine Swabs
  •  1- BZK Wipe
  •  1-Underpad
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