What is a Hydrophilic Catheter?
A Better Choice Medical Supply offers a wide selection of hydrophilic catheters. A Hydrophilic Catheter is an intermittent catheter with a pre-hydrated coating on the catheter. This allows virtually friction-free insertion and removal of the catheter without the use of a lubricating jelly.
The Technology
Hydrophilic catheters have a polymer coating that binds to the surface of the catheter. When the polymer coating is submersed in water it absorbs and binds the water to the catheter. The catheter surface becomes smooth and very slippery. This type of catheter is recommended because it does not require manual lubrication and will help keep the catheter more sterile and thus less likely to cause infection. Most Hydrophilic catheters are prepackaged in sterile water, or there is a pouch of sterile water that is broken and released into the catheter package when the catheter is ready to use.
Who uses this type of catheter?
This type of catheter can be used by both men and women. It is ideal for people who have trouble using lubricating jelly on their catheters. It is also used for people who have problems using a regular intermittent catheter for various reasons.
What sizes do they come in?
Hydrophilic catheters range in sizes from an 8Fr to 18 Fr. The smallest size starts at an 8 French and the largest sizes go up to 18 french. Your doctor will decide what size is right for you. They come in a sterile peel-open package and are individually wrapped.-Fill out the form on this page or give us a call. We will help you pick the catheter that is right for you!
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