Rochester Medical Closed System Antibacterial Hydrophilic Catheter

Rochester Medical Closed System Antibacterial Hydrophilic CatheterThe Closed System Antibacterial Personal Catheter® features the only intermittent catheter that provides a release of
nitrofurazone into the urethral-catheter boundary to produce localized antibacterial activity.

Antibacterial Closed System Types to Choose From:

Antibacterial Personal Catheter Male Size

Male Length (16”) 12 Fr/

Male Length (16”) 14 Fr/

Male Length (16”) 16 Fr/

Male Length (16”) 18 Fr/C

Antibacterial Personal Catheter Female Size

Female Length (6”) 12 Fr/

Female Length (6”) 14 Fr/

Female Length (6”) 16 Fr/

Female Length (6”) 18 Fr/

Pre-Connected Urethral Tray Size Qty/Box REF

Pre-Connected Trays (16”) 14 Fr/

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